Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So just a quick note about last night.  Jethros bar was a cool place, the opening band was the shit.  Unfortunately, the power in the place blew halfway through our second song so we had to call it a night.  It was bound to happen at least once on the tour.  Gotta say, Jethro was the man, he made us the best fries we've had since we've been here.  We drank lots of pinga with honey.  This place had more of a towny bar feel.  They were playing our cd over the PA all night.  All in all we had a fun time but it was a bummer not to play.

Today was a day off for us so we kept it really low key.  I had steak for breakfast, the best steak I've had here yet actually.  We went out with Sergio, Gabby, Eduardo and Bernardo (and Boris, the dog).  We had hoped to play soccer in the park today but it rained all freakin day so we stayed in.  We sepnt a while talking to Sergios mom for a while tonight, who is an amazing person.  She designed the house we're staying at right now, which I think we've mentioned is out of this world.  She's also an amazing painter.

SO!  We're actually going to go to bed before 2AM tonight!  Chocante!  Tomrrow we play campinas which is apparently going to be off the hinges.  Apparently its the gay capital of Sao  Paulo.  Campinas.  


23 said...

"Apparently its the gay capital of Sao Paulo."


Sue said...

Hey guys! I figured out how to leave a comment - ha! I've been reading everything, and it sounds like you guys are having a blast! Remember to rock out out for me - and maybe dedicate a song to me! (oh - and maybe get a tan for me too while you're at it.)